API Versioning Help

Does the API have different versions?

Our API does not use URI versioning, meaning, the URI will always just be /api and the URI will never be /api/v2.

We use resource deprecation and sunsetting if we want to phase out an API resource.

How does deprecation and sunsetting work?

We can deprecate a complete resource (such as Partition), or a method on a resource (such as POST on Partition), or a field on a resource (such as partitionName on Partition).

In each case it will be very clear in the API playground that the resource, method, or field is deprecated. It will be clearly marked as such, and the relevant area on the page will be grayed out.

For field deprecations, the field will have a deprecated: true property in the JSON-LD schema of the resource.

If a specific URI or method on a URI is to become unresponsive some time in the future, we will set a Sunset HTTP response header on all responses for that resource, which will communicate the date at which the resource will be removed.

Any deprecated resources will be very clearly documented in our API Changelog, including deprecation periods and sunset dates.

The API Changelog will still reference version numbers, but that is entirely just for human consumption and ease of reference.

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