Free Plan Help

What can I do with the Free Plan?

The following are highlights of the capabilities and limitations of the Free Plan:

  • Fixed number of credits per month, and no ability to consume more than the fixed number in a month.
  • Only to the built-in email alert service is active.
  • Lower API rate limits.
  • Alert message content limited to system built-in template. I.e., you cannot configure the content of the email message.
  • Unlimited partitions.
  • Cannot have team members.

There is a distinction between what resources you can create and host under the Free Plan, and which of those resources are active (perform their functions).

You can create as many bespoke transports, alert services, monitors, and partitions as you want under the Free Plan.

However, none of those bespoke resources that require a Bespoke Resources Plan will actually work. They will be dormant in your Free Plan account.

Note: Dormant resources do not consume any credits.

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