Post-Upgrade Tasks Help

What do I need to do after I upgraded my free account?

If you have not already created bespoke transports and alert services and connected those alert services to your monitors, you will need to do that now.

For example:

  1. Create a bespoke email transport that uses your email provider's SMTP interface to send emails.
  2. Create a bespoke alert service that uses this bespoke email transport.
  3. Connect your monitors to this bespoke alert service.

Note: Monitors, alert services and transports must be in the same partition to be connected. However, it's perfectly fine to create bespoke transports in different partitions that use the same email provider SMTP credentials.

Note: When you have an upgraded account, our service does not use the built-in alert service(s) to dispatch alerts. It only uses your bespoke alert services. Hence, if you don't create your own bespoke transports and alert services, you will not receive any alert notifications.

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