Getting Started Help

How do I get started?

Scroll through the sections below for basic instructions to help you maximize the benefit you get from our service. We offer many powerful features. Feel free to explore. You won't break anything! :-)

Explore the menus

The menu system (the bar at the top of the page) is grouped by the core functions of our service. Under each core function you will find sub-functions. Feel free to explore the menus.

Changing your password and other settings

Click My Account in the menu bar. That exposes all the user account management functions.

Explore the online help articles

Visit our help center to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our service.

Click the Help Menu button to open the help menu.

Create your first monitor

The easiest monitor to test is the At Ping type monitor. Use the following steps (the fields that we don't mention, leave them blank):

  1. Navigate to Configure, Monitors, Create Monitor in the menu.
  2. Select the "My First Partition" entry in the Partition field.
  3. Enter a monitor name of your choice in the Name field.
  4. Select a timezone for the monitor.
  5. Select the "At Ping" entry in the Type field.
  6. Click the "Email Service (Built-In) (Email)" check box in the Alert Services field.
  7. Enter a description of your choice in the Public Description field.
  8. Enter notes of your choice in the Notes field.
  9. Click the Save button

🥳 You've just created your first monitor! Celebrate!

Send your first ping and get your first alert

To send your first ping and get you first alert, use the following steps (the fields that we don't mention, leave them blank):

  1. Click Ping in the top menu bar.
  2. Select the "My First Partition" entry in the Partition field.
  3. Select your monitor entry in the Monitor field.
  4. Click the Send button

🏆 You've just sent your first ping! Give yourself a high-five!

Now head over to your email inbox (the email address on your user account). There should be an alert email from us.

Look through the History menu entries

Now that you've sent a ping, there will be activity history entries that you can review.

Click the History entry in the top menu bar and click each of the sub-menu entries to review the different activity entries that your ping created.

Learn to use the black drop down menu on list items

Most of the entries in item lists have a black rectangle menu button on the right-hand side. In that menu are actions that you can perform on that particular entry in the list.

To try this out, use the following steps:

  1. Click Configure, Partitions in the top menu bar.
  2. Click the black rectangle menu button of the "My First Partition" entry.
  3. Select the View entry.

👍 You'll be using those menu buttons a lot!

Further configure your account

Feel free to rename the My First Partition partition. Remember, to be able to do anything, you need at least one partition in your account.

Decide what types of monitors you want, and create them in the same manner as above.

Using the API

If you want to use the API, then head over to the Developer & API help center. Also check out the API Playground.

Ask for help

Visit our support page to ask for help if you get stuck or are unsure of anything. We're here to help you!

Cannot find the answer to your question? Visit our support page for personalized support by our staff.